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Due to the introduction of the new privacy law, we must take measures. For example, we must mention that if you choose to enter the sports hall (where the competition is), you agree with the fact that you may be able to be seen on images and movies.

The judges

These are the judges:
     - Luc Daems from Belgium
     - Tanja Leblac from the Netherlands (judging Freestyle)
     - Margreet Oerlemans from the Netherlands (judging HTM)
     - Jessica Karlgren from Norway

We have asked all judges to introduce themselves.

Luc Daems
LucHello, I was asked to introduce myself as I had the honor to be asked to be a judge of this world Championship dogdance. I’ve worked for more than 20 years for the Belgian justice department (now retired) and for several years I’m also a dog behavior specialist. I’ve played dogdance with some of my white Suisse Shepherds with whom I’ve played also in the Belgian obedience with some great successes. In the past we’ve had and worked also with Jack Russel’s, German and Belgian Shepherds (Malinois)
I’ve played even in HTM as in freestyle, and in both disciplines I qualified myself and my dog Tchaka for several times for the World Championships and European Championships. With another dog, Suka, I was also selected and played at the WC in Finland.
My best international result was the final at the World Championship in Salzburg in 2012, where we also become second with our Belgian team in HTM in the team competition and third in the freestyle competition. Tchaka was selected for both.

At this moment I have a new dog, with whom I play in the Belgian Obedience, because I’m a judge for dogdance and the Belgian obedience I don’t have enough time to train the both. I intend to do also dogdance with him, but this year I try to get my selection for the Belgian obedience cup final this year.
I’ve judged the European championship in 2017 and competitions in Belgium, Holland, Russia and the video championship in 2017 in Japan. This year I was asked to judge also in France but at the last moment the competition was canceled.

I’m also a teacher for the Belgian KC to give lessons to official instructors for dogdance and the Belgian Obedience, which is a little bit different as the international obedience.
For 9 years now, I’m the president of the Belgium Dog Dance Federation and since the start of the FCI, also the responsible for Belgium in the FCI.

It’s a great honor to be asked as a judge at these championships and I want to congratulate every competitor in advanced who is qualified to represent his country in this amazing event. Enjoy yourself, have a lot of luck, but most important, have a lot of fun.


Tanja Leblanc
TanjaI am Tanja Leblanc and together with my husband, 2 Rottweilers Chendo (8 Year old dog) and Kenai ( 21 Months old bitch) and our cat Jeanny we live in a small town, Sibculo, the Netherlands. I own a Dog Training Centre where we train in Dog dance, Hoopers, Body Control, Focus and Collaboration. My whole live I have been surrounded by dogs. As a little girl I was already training our Boxer Katinka to do tricks. We where inseparable.

The first time I got in touch with Dog Dance was during the young dog training with my Rottie bitch Faith. We both fell in love with this dog sport immediately. I love music, love to dance and love to train dogs. We had found a new hobby. Faith and I where one of the first Heelwork to Music teams in the Netherlands. For me the drive to start following several courses in training, different dog sports and dog behavior. All of those completed successfully.

In 2009 we got our 2nd Rottweiler. A dog this time, Chendo. Very soon Chendo got in touch with Dog Dance and he also liked Dog Dance very much. However he wasn’t the easiest dog to handle. He really taught me a lot! Although we made some sidesteps towards Freestyle we still prefer Heelwork to Music. During the first ever OEC in Denmark Chendo and I were reserve of team NL. Chendo was just 2 years old. Unfortunately he caught kennel cough in Denmark so we couldn’t compete.
We got to redeem ourselves during the World championship in Salzburg, the OEC in Germany, OEC in Austria, and last year’s World Championship in Leipzig.

In 2010 I was asked by the NDDB to start the training course for official judge. I really love to watch the routines critically, judge them and provide some positive feedback to the handlers. Hoping they go home with the motivation to get their routine to an even higher level.
Furthermore I hold the position of treasurer at the NDDB.
I judged during the OEC 2017 in Belgium. I loved to be able to judge this event. Back then, I was also selected for the Heelwork to Music team in the Netherlands with my big friend. But I preferred to judge. For me judging is really an honor.

So I feel very honored to judge the Freestyle during the World Championship 2018 in Ruinerwold.
I am really looking forward to all, without a doubt, beautiful routines. I wish all competitors the best of luck with their preparation. But most important to enjoy every step towards the World Championship and of course the World Championship itself.

See you in Ruinerwold at the World Championship 2018.

MargreetMargreet Oerlemans
My name is Margreet Oerlemans.

Dogdance: the team building between dog and handler in this sport can be shown in all kinds of ways: beautiful, sweet, nice, controlled, exiting, filled with humor, touching!! Dogdance is a real team sport in my eyes!
And that makes Dogdance so special to me.
Dogdance is versitile.

I have 3 dogs: an Australian Cattle Dog, an Airdale Terrier and a Border Collie. All 3 are males. Because of Jules O’Dwyer I came in contact with Dogdance. She lived in my area and had trained at my dog school with her dog Webster. With the dogs that we then had, my daughter and I started training Dogdance. I carry this sport in my heart: to be a team, together with your dog! With my current dogs I have competed at a few competitions, but due to circumstances my daughter is the one who now dances with the Airdale and the Border.

My judging days started in Obedience, which I really loved. When there came a workshop about judging of Dogdance I took the opportunity gladly. Since 2010 I am an official Dogdance judge fort he NDDB (Nederlandse Dog Dance Bond – Dutch Dogdancing club). In the present day, I am training new judges for NDDB, together with some fellow judges. I love judging this sport, excpecially the beginner teams.
I was surprised and am very honoured to have been asked to judge at the WC Dogdance 2018 (HTM).
I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful routines that you will show!

See you in Ruinerwold!

Yours Sincerely,
Margreet Oerlemans

jessicaJessica Karlgren
Hi there!
First, I will congratulate you all, for qualifying for World Championship, and I would like to thank you for this honour to judge in World Championship!

A little bit about me:
My name is Jessica Karlgren. I’m 43 years old and moved to Norway from Sweden in 96. Norway have been my home since then.

After my two grownup kids moved out, I’ve been living with my 3 young Border Collies, 2 girls who are 3 years old, and 1 male puppy who’s 10 months. I have been training, judge, competing and teaching others since 2010, when Freestyle and HTM became an official dog sport in Norway. I started with my creative little Sussi, a Cavalier who also had a BIG voice, and my second dance partner who also where my first Border Collie, Izi. We had our best and last year competing in 2014. In the same year we became 2 in WC, 2 in Nordic championship and became Norwegian champions with our Temple routine. Izi went over the rainbow bridge in 2016 because of injuries on his back and knee. But now I have 3 young hope and hoping to compete in WC once again in the future ?.

I really looking forward to see all those wonderful routines, and I believe that we judges will have a hard job judging you all!
Wishing you all the best of luck and remember, that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy this experience with your dog!

Good Luck!! :D